Proformance Unlimited Crew

Not many people can say they love going to work. We are family here. We laugh a lot, yell a lot, and laugh a lot more. Our team works together. As a group we get through it. We are each individually important to each other. Steve, back left, is VP of Proformance Unlimited and keeps everything in order. He researches and designs our engines and gets the parts in for our builds. He schedules the builds and is going to be your main contact when you call in to order an engine. Kim, left front, pays the bills and keeps all the office stuff in order. She will also be your contact for payments to your accounts and shipping of your orders. Bradley, back right, is our dyno tuner. He also assembles our cylinder heads, ships our engines and is an apprentice engine builder. Doug, front right, is President of Proformance Unlimited and master engine builder and machinist.