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"I love your engines"
So consider this as a Royal endorsement from Prince Andrew in Australia.... and if we ever need one we'll contact you ok?

Award winning engine builder, Doug Mascaritola, is the owner of Custom Crate Engines. He began his business with the passion and desire to be the best. At the age of thirteen, Doug started working at his family's machine shop. The school bus would drop him off everyday at 3:30 and he would work until dark. Doug had a lot of fun learning the skills of his trade. Back then, his brother-in-law Eddie called it boot camp. Little did he know it would become his way of life. At Custom Crate Engines they build over three hundred engines a year and pay close attention to detail on each and every engine as if it were their own. Doug and his staff are committed in maintaining their reputation through building the finest engines available worldwide on the market today. Doug wants his customers to know that with his skills and knowledge, Custom Crate Engines designs “Engines with an Attitude” to perform for street and/or track use.

There is a lot more in technical design than just picking out parts. With so many companies out on the web today to chose from, it's hard to make a decision. Some may talk a good game and present themselves well, but can they really deliver your dream engine. With Doug's talent of putting together winning combinations you will know you made the right choice. He personally custom designs the proper crate engine to match you to your vehicle for many years of dependable and pleasurable driving.

Over the years Doug has traveled the country drag racing with his family testing track proven designs. With his experience and expertise, he will deliver the engine you are looking for. When you purchase an engine from Custom Crate Engines you have Doug's guarantee you will receive an engine that is time proven and will out perform beyond your expectations. Take a moment to browse their site and feel free to call or e-mail them with any questions you might have. His staff will be happy to assist you in any way they can. If experience and expertise with a "personal touch" is what you are searching for, you found it!

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