Chevy Camaro History

The First Camaro was produced in 1967
Sadly the last model year of the Camaro was 2002, the rumor was that consumers would not buy the Camaro because of the difficulty to see over the front of the hood.

Models of the Camaro:
LT stands for Luxury Touring
RS stands for Rally Sport
SS stands for Super Sport
IROC stands for International Race of Champions
TPI stands for Tuned Port Injection

The Wonderful Years of the Camaro

Chevrolet begins the design and concept of what was to be known as the Chevrolet Camaro F-body as known by all Camaro enthusiasts!
Camaro gets its name!
1967 Camaro - 220,906 Camaro’s Produced
First year of production. Came out in 1966. Official Indy Pace Car for 1967!
1968 Camaro - 235,147 Camaro’s Produced 
Houndstooth cloth interior was introduced! Astro ventilation debuted! General Motors eliminated the side vent wing windows on the 1968 Camaro and also added federally mandated side marker lights and a revised base grille. Also the adoption of staggered rear shocks to counteract wheel hop under hard acceleration
1969 Camaro - 243,085 Camaro’s Produced
Official Pace Car of the 1969 Indy! 3,675 Pace Cars were produced. Optional vinyl roof became available. Mechanical elements were virtually unchanged from the '68 model, new fenders, door skins, rear quarter-panels, grille and taillights gave the car a wider, lower appearance. A redesigned dash and more comfortable seats made it more livable, tooLimited production year. A new low-performance 200-horsepower 307-cubic-inch small-block (a 327 crank in a 283 block) supplemented the low-performance 327 and a new 255-horsepower 350 replaced the better-performing 327.
1970 Camaro - 124,901 Camaro’s Produced
First year of the second generation of Camaro’s. The 155-horsepower 250-cubic-inch six was now the Camaro's base engine. 396 engine available. The star 1970½ Camaro was again the Z/28, now powered by a 360-horsepower high-compression "LT-1" 350. Car and Driver's test had the '70½ Z/28 ripping to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds and running through the quarter-mile in 14.2 seconds at a full 100.3 mph.
1971 Camaro - 114,630 Camaro’s Produced
The '71 barely changed from the '70½ model; high-back bucket seats were new, and the rear spoiler on Z/28s was now a larger three-piece unit.
1972 Camaro - 68,651 Camaro’s Produced
All that happened this year is the engines that were in the Camaro’s keep decreasing in power.
1973 Camaro - 96,751 Camaro’s Produced
Engine power keeps plumiting and the ss is out of the picture, in its place was the new "Type-LT", which included many luxury options.
1974 Camaro - 151,008 Camaro’s Produced
Camaro was redesigned with thick aluminum bumpers front and rear. The one-and-only grille (the Rally Sport option vanished) was now shovel-shaped and the rear taillights wrapped into the fenders.
1975 Camaro - 145,770 Camaro’s Produced
Chevy killed the Z/28 and pared the engine selection down to just three catalyst-equipped lumps for 1975 — the 250-cubic-inch six now rated at 105 horsepower, a two-barrel 350 V8 making a pathetic 145 horsepower and a four-barrel version of the same engine rated at a meager 155 horsepower.
1976 Camaro - 182,959 Camaro’s Produced
For the first time in Camaro history, no striping package was available. Simulated leather replaced the woodgrain instrument panel. An aluminum panel between the taillights was now used on the Type-LT, power brakes were finally standard and cruise control was a new option. The two-barrel 350 was killed in favor of an even-crummier two-barrel 305 producing 140 horsepower while the four-barrel 350 now produced a still-inexcusable 165 horsepower.
1977 Camaro - 218,853 Camaro’s Produced
The Camaro was again chosen as the car of choice for the IROC, International Race of Champions Series. In the middle of the year the Z/28 made an appearance once again.
1978 Camaro - 272,631 Camaro’s Produced
The first year Camaro offered T-Tops! The z/28 came out with front fender vents and fake hoodscoop. The looks!
1979 Camaro - 282,571 Camaro’s Produced
The most substantial change to the '79 Camaro was a new instrument panel with more contemporary instrumentation and better control placement.
1980 Camaro - 152,005 Camaro’s Produced
For the first time ever, a V6 was made available for the Camaro! The Z28 got a new hood design, that's the reversed door scoop and intake. Also, smaller engines were produced to improve fuel economy
1981 Camaro - 126,139 Camaro’s Produced
Last year of this bodystyle. No Rally Sport was produced this year.
1982 Camaro - 189,747 Camaro’s Produced
The first year of the new 3rd gen, third generation Camaro!
1983 Camaro - 154,381 Camaro’s Produced
First year of the Camaro where an 8-track tape player was no longer an option and was replaced with the ever popular cassette deck! 5 speed manual tranny and the new 4 speed auto became new options!
1984 Camaro - 261,591 Camaro’s Produced
The first year of the roof console standard on the Berlinetta and optional on the other models. Brand new digital dash was introduced.
1985 Camaro - 180,018 Camaro’s Produced
First year of the 3rd gen IROC series! The IROC featured big 16-inch five-spoke wheels and unique graphics. Carbureted versions of the 5.0-liter small-block V8 were still available, but the big improvement came with the fitment of Tuned Port Injection (TPI) to that engine to produce a flexible 215 horsepower. Significant interior changes as well. 305 engine with the famous TPI!
1986 Camaro - 192,219 Camaro’s Produced
The Berlinetta was discontinued. The base model Camaro got lots of new upgrades!
1987 Camaro - 137,760 Camaro’s Produced
The convertible reappears! A 225 horse engine was available in the IROC better known as the good old 350 (5.7 liter) V8. The Norwood, Ohio assembly plant closed after this production run.
1988 Camaro - 96,275 Camaro’s Produced
No Z/28s and no LTs were produced this model year. All models were produced at the Van Nuys plant, in Van Nuys, California
1989 Camaro - 110,739 Camaro’s Produced
The RS returns.
1990 Camaro - 34,986 Camaro’s Produced
A very short production year for the Camaro. All 1990 Camaro’s got a driver's side airbag. Yellow instrument graphics replaced the white ones. The big changes that year were the growth of the base V6 from 2.8 to 3.1 liters, with a bump in output from 135 to 140 horsepower.
1991 Camaro - 100,838 Camaro’s Produced
The Z/28 made a come back for this model year, as the IROC was no longer. All 91s got new ground effects. The Special Service Package (B4C), better known as the Police Package, helped put speeders in their place.
1992 Camaro - 70,008 Camaro’s Produced
The 25th Anniversary of the Camaro! Special Z03 Heritage Package available. Last model year run for the Van Nuys, California plant then they closed :(
1993 Camaro - 40,224 Camaro’s Produced
First year of the New 4th Generation Camaro! This generation was totally redesigned and different than any other Camaro! Plastic front fenders, a new short-arm/long-arm front suspension, rack-and-pinion steering and a sleek new profile.
1994 Camaro - 119,799 Camaro’s Produced
The fourth-generation convertible was introduced with a power top, full headliner and heated rear window. Designed and built by GM at the St. Therese, Quebec, plant where all F-cars were assembled. Sequential Fuel Injection was added to the LT1 V8 engine and Z28's standard 6-speed manual transmission featured Computer-Aided Gear Selection. New options included Remote Keyless Entry and leather seating surfaces in graphite or beige.
1995 Camaro - 122,738 Camaro’s Produced
This was the first year customers would see body-color roof and mirrors with the T-Top option. Traction control became an option on the Z28. Also, the 3400 V6 was replaced by the 3800 V6 engine.
1996 Camaro - 61,362 Camaro’s Produced
The Rally Sport Coupe and the Rally Sport Convertible were reintroduced this year after quite an absence. The SS, with its 305 horsepower rating was the first factory Camaro to break the 300 horsepower barrier since 1971
1997 Camaro - 60,201 Camaro’s Produced
30th Anniversary. The Camaro was yet again chosen as the official Pace Car of the Indy 500! 4,534 Anniversary models were produced!
1998 Camaro - 49,218 Camaro’s Produced
Completely restyled front end made its appearance. All aluminum 5.7 litre Corvette-derived V8 was added the ls1. Horsepower on the Z-28 was beefed up to 305 for this model year. SS got the ram-air induction system boosting its horsepower to 320.
1999 Camaro - 42,098 Camaro’s Produced
Larger gas tank was added to all Camaro’s. Everything else remained the same as 1998.
2000 Camaro - 45,461 Camaro’s Produced
Radio controls put into the steering wheel. Also the mirrors were painted the same color as the body of the car.

2001 Camaro 
The SS has 325 horses and the Z/28 has 310! New color, Sunset orange metallic.
2002 amaro 
35th Year Anniversary and the last production year for the Chevrolet Camaro as they announce the closing of the Canada plant where they were produced.