I use Proformance Unlimited for all my custom crate engines for all my restorations and brand new muscle car builds including my Shelby and Eleanor Mustang replicas which sell and ship all over the world. The quality is second to none and so is the service. I would highly recommend Proformance Unlimited to any and everyone who needs a custom crate engine without hesitation. Why not use the best for your dream car? Trust me, use Proformance Unlimited. David Miller, US Restoration / Brand New Muscle Car, Tulsa, OK www.brandnewmusclecar.com *Watch Velocity TV in 3Q 2016 for our show Shelby;The Legend Continues which will chronicle the building of a all-new, all-metal 1965 Shelby G.T. 350 Mustang from scratch featuring a brand new hipo 289 Cobra engine built by Proformance Unlimited.

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