Hey Doug and Steve,

This is Marcus.....I know you guys been wondering why I
hadn't email you about the results of the motor....well it's a monster.....I took it to the track just last night 1/8th of a mile track and guys I'm telling you I got into my first race with a 1969 mustang with nitro....can you believe this Doug I race him twice the first time I beat him without him spraying me...the second race he sprayed me from the whole I still jump him out the whole and when I went to second gear the race was over.......so I am so excited about this whole project.....and I have to thank you guys for the job that you'll did on my motor I love that 383 stroker......and one thing I want you'll to remember if I ever need something else done I'm calling on you'll.........I love it love it, dudes.....I got to take it to get the exhaust done on it this coming up Tuesday. it sounds like a monster now I can't wait to here it next Tuesday......when I get the car painted I'm gonna send you'll some pictures of it with the hood up and close.......thanks a lot guys........I would recommend anybody to you'll......people are asking me who built your motor when I tell them it came out of new jersey you should see the expression on there face as if they might be scared to run me......


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