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We know what business is, so we understand "schedule & budget". With Custom Crate Engine, you control your project completely, everything is tailored to your needs and wants. If you choose us, you will be working with an expert in the field of engine building and driveline design. We are constantly expanding our knowledge to help find the latest trends in technology to serve you better. The owner is involved in every engine design and build. We have over 38 years of machine shop experience, Owner is an award winning engine builder All of our engines are dyno proven horsepower. Tech support on all engines sold. Only top quality parts used One on one customer support All engines are custom built to your specifications making it more personal. We have been selling engines world wide for over 12 years with satisfaction guaranteed. 



"Great Engines Come From Great Tech Support"



Hello and Welcome:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Custom Crate Engines and introduce you to my company. As you can see from our photos and videos each engine is built to precision with much pride and care. All engine packages are assembled with top quality parts. Completed engines are run and tested in our own Dyno Room before shipping. With the knowledge of my trained staff, we can assist you in choosing the engine package that will work best for your application. My staff is also available to answer any technical questions you may have before and after your engine arrives. I am most proud of our satisfied customer base. When you purchase an engine from Custom Crate Engines you become part of a growing family and you can be assured you made the right choice. You have my personal guarantee that I will build you a product we both can be proud of.

Thank you,
Doug Mascaritola



Chevy stroker hot rod engines



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World wide shipping



331 Ford stroker crate engine 427W Ford stroker crate engine 454 Chevy big block crate engine 383 Chevy small block stroker crate engine
331 Ford Stroker 375HP 427W Ford Stroker 525HP 454 Big Block 475HP Dyno 383 SBC Stroker 400HP


Video Taped Dyno Proven Horse Power!

Tired of performance engines with all bark and no bite, leaving you hungry for more POWER? All our engines are video taped dyno proven horse power! If your building a COMPETITION RACE ENGINE or a HIGH PERFORMANCE STREET ENGINE, you will get your fill. We chew up and spit out the competition. Just watch some of our engine video's and read our customer testimonials. Then decide if experience and expertise with a personal touch really matters.



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